Flood in August 2002

Enormous rains on August 6-8 and August 11-12, 2002,  resulted in catastrophic flood. 99 communities with 230 000 inhabitants were completely flooded, partly flooded were 347 communities with 1.6 mil. inhabitants.

In Prague, the highest flood alert is set to the discharge of 1500 m3/s in the river Vltava (Moldau). The one hundred years periodicity discharge is 3500 m3/s. Maximum discharge observed at noon August 14 was estimated to 5 300 m3/s, which corresponds to about 500 years periodicity.

Flloods History.gif (96577 bytes)    Source: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute 

Prague Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

Prague Central Wastewater Treatment Plant was almost completely under water. Totally, some 65 wastewater treatment plants were flooded and heavily damaged. 

The city

Transportation infrastructure was seriously damaged, including a significant part of the subway (metro).

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Our internet server was in the gray building on the left side.

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Special aluminum barriers proved effective and saved most of the old city.

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On August 15, about 24 hours after the flow culmination.

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Area of the treatment plant two weeks after.

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