Our mission is to help restore and renew quality and ecological balance of those water bodies that have been adversely impacted by man.

We serve the people, communities, agencies, industrial clients, and other consultants by providing the technical and scientific know-how and search innovative solutions to the new challenges and problems.

We identify both, point and non-point (diffuse) pollution sources and provide "high technology" tools for their evaluation and modeling. 

We review water and materials use in urban areas, industry and agriculture. We elaborate reuse and recycle strategies and techniques for low-waste technologies. 

We upgrade and optimize existing pollution abatement facilities or provide design concepts and data for innovative wastewater treatment and sludge handling. 

We propose efficient land management, erosion and run-off control and effective technologies for diffuse pollution abatement. 

We apply engineering methods to increase waste assimilation capacity of soils, surface water bodies and wetlands. 

We restore and rehabilitate surface aquatic bodies and underground aquifers.

Our experience is that complex problems can be successfully solved only by complex approaches. We are ecological engineers applying ecological knowledge in practice. 




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